What Ever Am I Cooking For Dinner Tonight

Yes you have all the cookbooks and you sit and watch the celebrity chefs work their magic on day time television. You pick up all the feed a family of 4 for $5 leaflets at the supermarket.

Lots of great recipes and ideas if you have enough money in the bank each week to pay for your groceries.

It’s soul destroying struggling each week just for the basics, looking at the cheap offers and trying to work out what you can cook that the kids will eat and trying to get a little variation each week. Carefully deciding what you can and can’t buy this week, trading things in your mind, the grapes look really nice but the apples are cheaper so it’s apples again.

I know how it feels to see friends fresh from having their hair or nails done, recommending which salon you should go to when you are flat out paying for the basics. I’ve spent plenty of years declaring “I don’t like shopping!” Hah, who am I kidding certainly not myself.

The sadness you feel watching your husband work 7 days a week and seeing the tiredness in his face and body.

Believe me, I know the stomach churning feeling you get when you get the bills in the mail or when you check your bank balance and realise you are out of money again.

I’ve been there, I’ve done all the mind numbingly boring and poorly paid jobs that are the only ones open to you if you haven’t got or can’t afford child care. The minimum wage positions that pay badly because they know that you are desperate but not in a position to look for something better, working under someone that is too stupid for words. I’ve tried the work from home schemes, stuffing envelopes and the like, the get rich quick schemes that lead nowhere.

Don’t get me wrong there are some great sites out there, you part with your money, read all the info and watch all the videos then you try to follow the advice to make some money. It is at this point you realise there is something missing, just that small vital piece of information that you haven’t been given. So, what now, you go over everything again just to discover you have to pay someone else for that elusive part of the puzzle and so it goes on.

My life has completely turned around, my husband no longer has to work so hard, I go around the supermarket with my trolley and just put in anything I like the look of. Bills get paid straight away with no juggling. My nails always look nice and manicured and boy have I got over my dislike of shopping!

I’m not going to say it has been a walk in the park, I have had to learn a whole new set of skills, I have had to think in a different way and learn to use the internet in a completely different way. I could not have achieved any of this without a great mentor and fantastic resources at my disposal, lucky you, I hear you say, not so, I worked at this and spent a lot of time on research.

Now I work for 3 hours a day and earn enough to make my family’s life comfortable and stress free, I’m not looking for millions, yet, but I have achieved my first goal, I am financially secure, I am now thinking about the next stage, making a whole lot more money. I am fortunate enough to have found the right support to enable me to do all this in a few short months!

I hope this has at the very least made you feel that it isn’t just you plodding through life trying to get by, also that there is a way out of your situation, I know there is because I found it and so can you.

Why, oh why can there not be one good site that gives you absolutely everything you need to get started, then regularly updated information to keep you on top of your game. Step by step video tutorials. Well hello, welcome to one of the best
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