Seduction Techniques Still Work – What Do Women Want in a Man? Discover How to Attract Women

There is so much junk floating around the web and being passed off as “seduction techniques.” You can’t even ask a close friend for dating advice because nine times out of ten he has no clue of how to attract women. Ever since man has had the capacity to ask questions: there has been one that has perplexed us all.

What do women want?

There is no simple answer to this question but there are some universals that hold true in almost every situation. When you get more advanced and become what I like to call the natural ladies man you will be able to adapt to each woman.

Before we move on, I want to make something clear. Never believe anyone that tells you that you can have any woman you want. That is delusional and an outright lie!

The average man can’t even seduce the majority of women that he desires. It is possible but it would take years to reach this level, warning; be prepared to devote much of your time and energy applying your seduction techniques on highly resistant targets.

Well, back on course, what do women want?

They want someone who listens. I know. I know. You hear this all the time. This is the number one thing that can change everything for the better. Having someone that genuinely listens and is interested in what we have to say is a rare quality in our fast paced world of today. Trust me on this one.

Women want a man that is confident. Confidence can’t be learned or taught. The true way to confidence is by reclaiming your true identity. You do this by embracing your unique personality and be yourself instead of what society says you should be.

When you do this you become as a unique work of art among a pile of mass printed black and write newspapers.

Your goal is to become naturally confident instead of faking and forcing it. When you force confidence you become rigid and people can sense the subtle vibes of anxiety no matter how hard you try to hide them.

Seduction techniques are more numerous than even an advanced practitioner can master but when you once you embody the core essence of attracting women you won’t need a bag of tricks and will be light years ahead of these “pick-up artists.”

Remember, it only takes one woman to keep a man satisfied for life.