Involved In An Accident At Work? What You Should Know

Accidents at the workplace are quite common. They can occur in any kind of industry, but the construction industry is one where the most accidents occur. If you ever get involved in an accident at work, would be know what steps you need to take or what you need to do? Here are some things that you should know about work accidents.

Accidents at work should not occur at the first place. There are strict rules in place which are designed to protect workers from workplace accidents and hazards. According to these rules, the employers have a duty to protect workers from potential dangers at the workplace. Employers must conduct risk assessments and adopt safety measures at work. All work practices must be safe and employees must be adequately trained regarding the type of job they are required to perform. If these measures are taken, workplace accidents can be avoided.

It is understood that all risks and hazards cannot be eliminated completely. But, it is important for the employers to reduce the risks to a reasonable standard. If an employer has failed to take reasonable steps, then he may be held liable for accidents and injuries taking place at work. He may also be liable to pay compensation if accident at work claims is made against the company.

Insurance Policy

Employers are required to take out insurance policy so that they can cover their employees in case they get involved in accidents at work. So if you ever get involved in a workplace accident, it is important that you consider making an accident at work claim. You must remember that your employer is covered and costs arising out of an accident at work claim will be paid by the employer’s insurers.

Will I lose My Job?

You should not worry about losing your job if you choose to make an accident at work claim. As already mentioned, compensation will be paid by the employer’s insurers and not from the employer’s pocket. No employer can sack their employees for making accident at work claims. It is illegal to do so. Employers cannot even do anything that will affect your employment in a negative way. If they do so, you must consider seeking legal advice.

Should I Claim?

You should make an accident at work claim because you should not suffer due to someone else’s negligence. If you have suffered pain and have incurred huge financial losses as a result of the accident, then it is your legal right to get compensated.