How Does Penis Enlargement Products Work? What You Need to Know If You Want a Bigger Sized Penis

Admit. Ever since you’ve come across those penile enhancement advertisements splashed across the pages of a porn magazine, you’ve always wondered if they would work, haven’t you? The ads scream the words you’d like to see: “Grow Your Penis by 3 Inches” or “Enlarge the Circumference of Your Tool”.

Don’t feel bad about it. You’re just one of the billions of guys in the planet who can’t resist the thoughts about getting a bigger one and flaunting it among peers and the opposite sex. This is a normal guy thing to do. But the important question is: Did you fall for those ads?

Urologists have said time and again that all those ads are nothing but junk. If there was some semblance of truth in all those claims, all men in America would have been known to be extraordinarily larger than the rest of the world.

But still this doesn’t stop people from giving it a second thought. Although claims about penile enlargement have been widely debunked by medical authorities, you would wonder: Why in the world is this industry still thriving? This industry is said to be a multi-billion dollar industry where millions of men secretly and willingly spend their money for.

The easy answer is that men have an insatiable drive to be always bigger and better in terms of physical qualities. Well this is not a negative thing per se. Imagine all men trying to be fit and healthy just because of competition. But the negative thing about this is that it drives men to senselessly channel their energy on something that is impossible to change.

Yes, it is utterly impossible to enlarge your member, let alone influence its growth. The penis grows along with your age, and it takes a fair amount of time to do it. The formative years of your penis lasts all throughout puberty – from when you are twelve or thirteen years old to when you reach your mid twenties.

Even the highly-touted surgery is not the ultimate answer to penile growth. In fact, it remains highly controversial because only a handful of doctors actually support it. Having some ligament cut off just to elongate your member can be very risky. Imagine your thing shooting in all directions and angles – that’s what might happen if you resort to this surgery.

Instead of channeling your energy on something totally impossible, why not refocus it on other sensible things. You can work out a lot to have a gorgeous body that women would fall for, or you can spend your money on a guidebook that would you new tricks in bed. These things are totally worth your time and in a way, would help you improve yourself.