Finding Traffic Sources That Will Work – What You Need to Know Before You Use the Search Engines

If you are trying to find traffic sources in your market that will work for you then you are going to have to make sure you eventually use the search engines to get more visitors to your site. In this article I want to show you what you need to know before you start doing SEO so you can maximize your traffic and income with this traffic source.

The Danger Of Using Search Engine Optimization What You Are Just Starting Out…

When it comes to getting more visitors to your site you have to realize that everything is about timing! If you use the right source at the wrong time you could end up wasting a lot of money and never actually succeed.

So you need to understand that just because a source will work for you does not mean that you should start using it right away!

That is true with the search engines! You have to realize that you can get a lot of visitors to your site on total autopilot and you can make a lot of money from those visitors. But you don’t want to use this source when you start out in a new market or you will end up losing a lot of money and time.

You have no clue how long it is going to take you to start getting visitors to your site when you use this source! You could spend the next year optimizing your site to get visitors and still never have any success.

That is the danger of putting all your eggs in one basket! You have no clue if you will ever get visitors to your site or if you will ever make any money using this source! So always hold off on using it until you have other sources that are working for you first.

What You Need To Know Before You Use The Search Engines:

#1 – You have to spend most of your time getting links from sites that have a better page rank then yours.

The bottom line is that you are going to want to spend the majority of your time trying to find links that will help boost your rankings. They are the most important fact in your ability to get more rankings and traffic.

#2 – You have to make sure you create a massive amount of relevant content pages.

The more article pages you have on your site, the more traffic you are going to get and the more money you are going to make in the process.

If you can average 10 visitors a month from one article that is on your site than having 100 articles should give you 1,000 visitors a month!