Enlarge Your Penis Naturally – 3 Ways to Make Your Penis Bigger – Discover What Works & What Doesn’t

For those of you who wish to enlarge your penis, I’m sure you’re greeted with various methods to achieve this. The penis enlargement industry is now worth billions of dollars and is growing every day. However, out of all the methods to make your penis bigger which one should you choose?

1) Penis enlargement surgery – Surgery is something that scares most guys (me included). After further investigation and research, surgery is something that i never would consider. In order to make your penis bigger, the suspensory ligament which runs along the top of the penis needs to be severed. This will allow your penis to “drop down” and is essential for the next part.

What many people don’t realise is surgery will not actually increase the size of your penis, it’s what you do afterwards. You will need to hang weights off your manhood to stretch this ligament and eventually make your penis bigger. The maximum gain you can expect is approximately 1 inch and there are many dangers associated with surgery. These include erectile dysfunction, possible nerve damage and if scar tissue forms around the suspensory ligament, you could actually end up with a smaller penis!

2) Penis enlargement pills – Every where you look nowadays you seem to find adverts for penis enlargement pills. They seem to be the answer to every guy’s problems, but how effective are they really? In reality, there is no natural pill that can magically enlarge your penis. You may find that the flow of blood has increased to your member, thus giving you harder and stronger erections. This may even give the appearance of a larger penis, but this is merely temporary.

However, it is this temporary increase in the size of your penis that gets many guys hooked on these pills. Purchasing pills every month for the rest of your life will only ever give you a temporary boost and will quickly empty your bank account!

3) Penis enlargement exercises – This is the only way to enlarge your penis naturally. There are specific exercises that concentrate on increasing length, while others work on girth. Certain exercises will even strengthen the pubic muscles, allowing you to keep your erection harder for longer. This will also improve your sexual stamina which will allow you to last longer before ejaculating.

Penis enlargement exercises should be performed on a regular basis for approximately 15-20 minutes a day. There are 3 basic exercises to get you started – the jelq, stretching and kegels. As your manhood becomes fitter and stronger, you can increase the repetitions, intensity and overall time of your workout. There also additional exercises you can add to your routine. Within the space of a few weeks you should a significant increase in the size of your penis.