Does Creatine Work? – What is the Real Story Behind All the Hype?

Does creatine work? There are a million supplements on the market today with new ones coming out all the time but creatine is one of those supplements that gets a lot of attention. A lot of bodybuilders swear by it, saying that when they use it they feel like they have more energy and are able to complete a higher number of repetitions and that the soreness that occurs after a workout doesn’t last as long.

It’s not always easy to locate a reliable source with a straight answer about whether a supplement works or not. A lot of people turn to popular fitness magazines for answers to their weight training questions and if you believe what you read in these magazines then there is no doubt that creatine is the greatest supplement ever created. The problem is that these magazines are supported by advertising dollars that come from the supplement companies. So where can you turn to when you want the truth about a particular supplement?

Medical journals that report the results of specific studies done to test and measure the results of a particular supplement would be the best and most reliable source of information. It’s not always easy to get your hands on the results from these types of studies however. Another place to get answers about supplements would be from reliable authority websites like WebMD or the Mayo Clinic’s website.

The fact of the matter is that there simply have not been many studies done to answer the question does creatine work? and either prove or disprove its effectiveness. Although more studies will be needed it is also a fact that many bodybuilders and athletes use creatine supplements on a regular basis and they do this because they believe that it works.

What is known about creatine is that it is a naturally occurring compound that our bodies produce and that we also get from eating meat and fish. Creatine does play a role in converting food into energy and there is some evidence to support the claims that it can have a positive effect for activities that require sudden bursts of activity like sprinting or weightlifting. It may also help increase muscle mass in some people. The only way to answer the question for yourself is to try adding a creatine supplement to your diet and exercise program and monitor your own results. That way you can prove to yourself whether it works or not.