Diets Don’t Work – What Does?

America is getting heavier and heavier. XX size businesses are booming. Children are more obese than ever, with no hope in sight, it seems.

The 30 billion a year diet industry keeps doing well, though dieters are not. The owners of diet businesses know they will see people continue to return and spend more money than ever. Studies show that 93% of people who diet gain the weight back within three years, usually two.

Why? Because people have not changed the subconscious program created over time by their own thoughts. They still think of themselves as fat. They are literally programming the subconscious, which controls all the major glands and functions, to add the weight back on!

Scientific Proof:

Larry King has even showcased the newest research via experts who have explained how the brain’s reticular activating system (RAS) is activated by the subconscious mind’s “program.” Yes, we have a computer-like system in the body. Thinking Thin reprograms the computer, which, by the way, controls all of our body’s functions, such as metabolism, digestion, glandular functions and even desires (for food, exercise, etc.)

Hypnotherapy experts tell us that it takes around 28 days to form a new habit because we are actually forming new brain tissue, new neurological pathways, with our thoughts in that amount of time. Thinking Thin every day for thirty days will create new habits. Motivation then comes from within, eliminating the need for will-power after this point of using will-power simply to think differently.

Laboratory Studies Showing Mind Over Body Matter:

  1. A University of Arizona study published in Runner’s World Magazine in 1993 showed that people who visualized added muscle strength increase 12%. The control group – non-visualizers- increased zero.
  2. The BBC recently revealed a Wake Forest University study showing how positive thinking works to relieve pain in almost every case.
  3. Cleveland Clinic researchers and biomedical engineer Guang Yue presented results of a three-year study at annual Society for Neuroscience meeting. After twelve weeks of “mental contractions” of paralyzed muscles regained 13 to 30 percent muscle control and strength! The brain is fooled into sending more neurons from the spinal cord to control the muscle according to Dr. Vinod Sahgal, a fellow researcher in the study.
  4. Many readers of Think Yourself Thin have had success with weight loss from just using Thinking Thin “focused imagination” techniques.