Date for Cinco De Mayo

I used to celebrate Cinco de Mayo with my girlfriend, but I broke up with her last year. We would go out to a restaurant and eat Mexican food and drink. This year I didn’t want to spend Cinco de Mayo alone, so I found a las vegas escort agency that has escorts and arranged for one to go with me to the same restaurant that I used to go to with my girlfriend when we were still together.

Although my girlfriend was from Mexico, it didn’t matter to me if the escort that I got was of Mexican heritage or not. I just wanted someone to spend time with that day. It was my girlfriend who came up with the idea of going to the restaurant, and now that I’ve been doing it so long, I just can’t break the tradition of doing it even though she’s no longer dating me. Besides, I really like the food and drinks at this place, so I would really hate to stop going there just because of a break up. I picked up the escort and she was so nice. She said that Cinco de Mayo was one of her favorite holidays because of the food.

The escort and I went to the restaurant, and I saw my former girlfriend there. She was with another guy who I didn’t recognize. She must have known the guy for a while, but I didn’t bother asking her or talking to her. I just enjoyed my time with the escort and let the delicious flavors of the Mexican food and the alcohol hit my taste buds. The escort and i were really enjoying the food at the restaurant and wanted to do some dancing after eating, so we went to the club. Our dance moves were hilarious because of the drinks we had.