benefits of investing in silver over gold

Many people who have been looking for new areas in which to invest have turned to silver coins. Gold and silver both offer several advantages over other investments, and have been traded heavily over the past decade (not to mention the last couple thousand years). In this article, we’ll go over some of the benefits of trading in silver and gold, as well as why people have been using it not only as an investment opportunity, but as a place to keep their assets secure.

Gold and silver coins are a popular investment because they steadily appreciate in value. While the stock market and housing crash have pushed the value of the United States dollar bill down over forty percent over the course of the last decade, the value of precious metals has continued to increase. This is because gold and silver retain their value regardless of the economic state of any country in particular. Investing in gold and silver has proven to give steady returns, making precious metals (including platinum and palladium) a secure way to grow financially.

Silver and gold are also a great way to increase your financial stability. If you have investments in things like the stock market, a sudden crash due to disaster, terrorist attack, or a multitude of other factors could cause your savings to be wiped out. Investing in gold is a popular way for people to secure their assets during times of political trouble, war, and economic instability. Gold and silver coins are so stable that the United States government chose to back up their currency with them, thus creating the gold standard. Taking advantage of the stability of gold and silver (not to mention the other precious metals) is a great way to make sure you do not lose your savings in the event of economic disaster.

Essentially, if you are looking for either a safe place to put your money to avoid depreciation (and even make a little money while you’re at it) or a great way to invest your extra funds, then gold and silver coins are an excellent solution. By investing in gold and silver you’ll have a secure source of income as well as a stable place for assets, regardless of many of the economy-changing events that may happen in the future. If you want to take advantage of this opportunity, however, then time is of the essence. Economists predict the prices will continue to rise for months, even years, but the sooner you take advantage of this chance, the better.

What is the better investment in today’s economy, gold or silver?

Most people would probably answer gold, but the precious metal with the greatest upside may be silver. Silver is more volatile than gold is, and with expected inflation and increase in demand, Silver has a potential to increase in value more than Gold.

Now the purpose of this article isn’t to talk you out of investing in gold as it is a solid investment. Rather, the goal is to educate you on the history of silver, what influences it’s price, and what it’s future looks like so you can decide if investing in silver is better for your portfolio.

Before I attempt to predict the future, let me first discuss the past performance of silver compared to that of gold.

According to the London Bullion Market Association’s Forecast 2008 report, the silver market looks bullish over the next couple of years. Silver’s price gains can be attributed to solid demand-side investment, and that appetite looks set to continue in the future as the race between the old world and the emerging economies to corner the world’s natural resources intensifies… be it a mine or simply physical metal. Given the economic factors, the historical surge due to these factors, the increase in industrial demand, and the increased popularity in coin collection, silver may be a safe investment for investors to bully their portfolio than other types of assets and investments.