Always Over Deliver by Adding Value to What Ever You Offer

Ok, now this does not happen to me often but I have just finished reading a professional journal and found myself inspired by an article. You really need to take on board what I am about to reveal, give it some thought and act upon it. It’s a concept that would enable you and your colleague’s to reach even loftier heights. Its simple and I just wish I would have come across the idea years ago.

It is about adding extra value to everything you do. It’s not enough to carry out the work you were contracted to do. You have got to add value by massively over delivering and you can do this whilst still generating good profits.

Apply this concept correctly and the benefits to your client will be enormous and more importantly you and your business will also benefit and will thrive. The demand for your services will increase exponentially and you will not need to continue prospecting, constantly knocking on doors on the look out for new clients, they instead will come to you. You will not even need to spend as much money advertising your services as your clients will do this for you by word of mouth.

The article I was reading specifically referred to the business environment and how this ideology and mindset will transform an average business into one that’s super successful and going places. However the concepts can be used for all your dealings with others. If you do more than is expected, than those that benefit, will be very appreciative as they are getting a lot more from you than was contracted for and the word will spread. Its great public relations and your clients will be so grateful and appreciate the extra value they receive from you that they will, in effect, market your services for you and recommend you when ever they hear your services are needed.

Over deliver and you will be measured against those who do not. Add value and you will be sought out and you will benefit from recommendations and endorsements to the degree that you will be recognised as a centre of excellence and work and opportunity will come to your door. As you become recognized for delivering added value, you are in fact developing your personal brand and the level of compensation for your services will increase. You will become a leader in your sector.

If you transfer this concept to your personal dealings you will soon be seen as a leader of your community. This always is the case for those who go beyond expectation. So always deliver added value in everything you do. Just think about it, the fact that the majority of people are delivering as little as they can get away with, serves as a major advantage to you when you follow this concept and always deliver added value.

I hope this information will add value to all of your experiences.