Hampton Creek is Tackling Global Hunger and Pollution with Their New Line of Products

Hampton Creek recently debuted with their flagship product, Just Mayo, and they have received a large amount of publicity ever since. By refusing to use any type of egg, butter, milk or other ingredients that come from animals in any of their products, they are challenging the norms and normal practices of others in the food industry. Not only does the company have to convince other major food producers to cut back or eliminate animal products in their foods, but they have to demonstrate to the public that vegetable-based alternatives are as tasty and healthier than the animal-based foods that they are used to. Though no easy task, Hampton Creek Info has already shown success in these challenges and is paving the way for a new way of developing foods.

Reducing and eliminating the need for animals as food supplies has many benefits for humans and the environment. The care and housing of livestock leads to an incredible amount of pollution and waste that can seriously harm the surrounding environment. Also, due to the cost of feeding and maintaining these animals, especially in areas that lack sufficient space, the price for these goods may be prohibitively high. These leaves many people without healthier alternatives and may mean that they have an unbalanced diet. Hampton Creek has researched a way to use plant proteins instead of animal products, resulting in a nutritionally-rich and environmentally-friendly alternative.

What many people fail to realize is how many people go without food worldwide. Global hunger is a real issue that affects millions of people both in developing nations as well as at home in the US. By finding less expensive ingredients that require less care than livestock, Hampton Creek is fighting the battle on hunger as well as helping to reduce environmental impact.

As time progresses and the global population grows, the need for more efficient food sources has become a must. Hampton Creek has found a way to use proteins from plants as a substitute for animals product like butter, eggs and milk. This creates a food source that is less harmful to the planet and makes better food options possible for handling the global food crisis.